Monday, August 20, 2012

Canada 2012

A highlight......(or two)......
Spending Friday night watching the Tigers, drinking the beer, watching the crowd and generally having a good time....

Niagara Falls.....the tacky (but fun)

and the bloody amazing


A lowpoint.....only one - Robert going out for lunch with an old girlfriend (no photo for this one - there's a surprise) - but then unexpectedly a friend of his I had been so worried about meeting put my mind at rest (as much as anyone could) - she knows who she is.......
What I discovered.....
Canadians are ALL great people....not even one 'that person has really pissed me off' passed my lips in almost 20 days and all the people I met - family, friends and even strangers - were just lovely

Detroit is a cool cool city......


I love donuts and coffee - every day

I need vegetables - every day

The Beer Store ONLY SELLS BEER- duh! (a lot of it)

Any sport is good if you see it live (CFL) ....even if you have to get through torrential rain to see it (and the entertainment is almost as good as at the baseball)

Chilli dogs are good!

 Point Pelee is beautiful 

Roots is my new favourite shop 

Milk can come in a bag.....

 What I was reminded of time and time again.....I am very lucky ......... Robert loves me very much (and yes, that may be too sickly sweet for the blog but it is my blog so there you go)


  1. Glad you had a great time in Canada and Detroit. Still wish we'd been closer so we could have met in person, but hey...maybe someday I'll make it over to Italy!? A girl can dream, can't she?