Sunday, September 2, 2012

What a mum sees....

Since coming back from holiday one of my jobs has been to change and rearrange what we have on the walls of the flat. The idea was to put up framed photos. Robert has always hated the Keep Calm and Carry On poster I have had up in the kitchen so that was one of the things to be moved (not got rid of, yes it may be naff to some but I love it because it speaks to now it is outside the bathroom) it has been replaced by some black and white photos of me, Robert and the boys, a large copy of the beautful photo of Bonkers you see at the top of the blog and a quirky photo we took on holiday. While I was thinking of photos to put up (on other walls apart from the kitchen) I knew immediately that a photo whch Robert had taken of Leo on scout camp was a must- it is a photo I love - he has dark rings under his eyes, he looks exhusted, he looks very unwashed and he looks very Italian (a bit of a tangent here but strange as it may seem, I know my boys are darker than their English cousins but I have never looked at them and thought they look Italian - they may look like me, or their father but to me, most of the time, they just look like themselves - however when I saw the photos from the scout camp one of the first things that struck me is how Italian Leo looked) back to the topic in hand......anyway, I love this photo because I can see the effect of the camp - he looks so grown up to me and although he looks shattered I know he was happy - he was in a good place in every sense (I have since found out that there was a love interest too ) so, the photo went up. Then Robert came home. "Oh, do you like that photo?" "yes I do - I love it" "really? with an arm sticking out of his head??" yes, as his mum I swear I hadn't even noticed it - all I saw was Leo - Robert sees something completely different - a tired, dity boy with an arm coming out of his head. So now, probably the photo will have to come down - I will keep it, and cherish it but I want people to see Leo, not the arm.


  1. I too didn't see te arm until you said. It's in the eyes, not the back ground. You could photoshop blur the arm a little perhaps to appease Robert.

  2. Arm? What arm? Keep it on the wall at all costs! It's a fantastic photo. :-)