Tuesday, August 14, 2012

World Cup emotions.......for the gallery

If I think of a photo that shows emotion, then this one of the boys takes the biscuit. This was the night Italy won the World Cup in 2000 and something - maybe 2004 ...... as a tournament you can see it didn't rate highly with me - but I do love this photo.......and it is a night they will never forget......

but then, the following year, this photo was taken........the World Cup was being taken around Italy for the Italians to see it.....it was taken to all sorts of towns across the country where there would be some sort of festa/celebration of their win (in case you didn't know, Italians take football very seriously!!) ...... It just so happenened that their dad was the commander of the port of Chioggia at the time, the cup was due into Chioggia for the celebrations at 9 pm but it arrived early .......the organisers didn't know what to do it with it for the few hours before the party....so, as the boys' dad was the highest public official in the town, they asked if they could 'park' it in his office for a couple of hours......fortunately he had wind of this in the afternoon, he called me, we took the kids out of school and he whisked them up to Chioggia for the evening.....and they got to spend 2 hours hugging, kissing and generally adoring it.....now, if that's not emotion for 2 football mad little boys I don't know what is......

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  1. That is a very special evening indeed, they'll never forget it...like 'wow', I am utterly amazed.