Saturday, April 14, 2012

The proudest Mum/family around

They were supposed to do Richard the Third but only 2 boys came along to the drama club so in the end they opted for Women in Parliament by Aristophene - it was a 'revisted' version which the kids wrote themselves and it was fantastic!! The production was put on at a local theatre, the kids have been working on it since Januray and they were even given 2 days off school for the last 2 (full) days of rehearsals. As there were only 2 boys they obviously were the stars of the show and as Leo is , well, Leo he was the star of the stars - he is a natural - and it is not just me - he had kids waiting outside the stage door and he even discovered some sort of Faceboook fan club (which fortuantely he finds hysterical). Thomas came down to support his brother and so did his friends from school - it was simply a top, top night. He has been saying for some time now that when he leaves school he wants to become a comic actor and after last night I can see it happening - what star!!!!!


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  1. First, I love the kitty header! So adorable. Second, it's obvious Leo is going to break hundreds of hearts in the future. :-)