Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Italy is not just Rome.....

Blogger is very annoyingly not putting my photos in the order I want ...... but hopefully you get the idea and hopefully when my memory has completely given up the ghost they will help to remind me of how we spent a couple of days over Easter 2012. Rome is beautiful, so is Florence, and Naples......I just never knew that Vittori Veneto and Treviso were also so stunning......

Treviso.......(He hates having his photo taken and he's not well but I need people in some photos at least.....)

and I just like this photo of the boys -as they sit on the train at 6.10 in the morning on their way to Rome...... just to see them both smile at the same time makes my heart sing!!!!

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  1. Okay, tempt me some more! Hopefully some day I'll make the trip to one of the most beautiful places on earth!