Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"No such thing as bad weather......

just bad clothing and poor preparation" - or at least it goes something like that. No, the weather here hasn't suddenly turned bad again but as I was clearing out the camera after all the photos from Leo's show I found some photos that Robert had taken of the boys (taken from inside the flat it has to be said.......Canadian my eye!!) during the snow. I love the photos of Thomas as he was clearing our neighbour's path - in shorts!! He couldn't bear being out there in long trousers - all those years of scouting have left their mark. When he started scouting I was horrified to find out that they wear shorts all year round - in all weathers and in all temperatures - the logic being if you get wet and cold it's a whole lot easier to change a pair of socks than is to walk around in sopping wet trousers - and my boys clearly live by that!

And then there is my very own snow angel .........


  1. Shorts! Shorts! I'm speechless. Except for 'shorts!'

  2. Yey my comment is there! Woot woot I exist!

  3. Thomas is a hearty soul! Not sure anyone here in middle Missouri would shovel snow in shorts...Scout or no Scout!