Saturday, April 7, 2012

The whys and the wherefores

I wasn't plannng on writing a post but then as I was replying to Kellogsville in response to her 'why do we blog' post it was getting so long I thought I might as well write it here ......... so why? I began so that Robert's family in Canada could begin to have an idea of what his/our life over here is like (he hasn't been back for 16 years), it didn't work out because other people began to get narky that I wasn't writing about them - so, being bloody minded like I can be at times, I just stopped - which turned into a cutting off my own nose to spite my face sort of thing - I lost loads and loads of posts that were a record of 18 months of our life. Then I started up again but didn't tell the person who had got narky the time before - this time however someone who 'knows' me (know in inverted commas - not blogging buddies but friend of a friend) read a post and made not one but 2 completely wrong assumptions - and that just plain pissed me off - so, I stopped again, and then, maybe too late in the day, I sat down and thought about why I had actually enjoyed blogging - and it wasn't really about the family in Canada or the so-called friends (again no reference to other bloggers) - I wanted to blog so that in years to come there is some sort of record of what life here in Via Saporetti has all been about - yes, I could write a diary and keep it private but I enjoy the fact that I have made new blogging friends - people whose blogs I read (this is Thomas's) and others who kindly leave comments , words of encouragement and advice - some I turn to for advice - for their completely objective advice and opinions. I have been lucky enough to meet such lovely, kind and wise people out there in the blogosphere - and their words have helped me on more than one occasion - and I hope mine may have too. So I guess what it all comes down is I do it for us, so that in years to come I will have some sort of record of what life is like with the boys (yes, I am already suffering some serious empty nest syndrome even before they move out), I do it to try to look on things positively - when I write I try not to bitch about life - and I do it for the friends I have made. Happy Easter to all of them - and to you.

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  1. In the end, we have to do it for ourselves. To feed something creative deep down inside us. Please keep blogging! I'd never have made a friend in Italy if you hadn't. :-) Hope your day is a great one, my friend. xoxo