Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sod's freaking law.....

A good few years ago Leo got into Art Attack in a big way and made himself a plastercast for his arm (out of toilet rolls and tolet paper I think) ....he then had me take photos of him (the one on the top) to send around the family - the reactions were all that you would expect from a Gran or Grancha, Uncle or Aunt - shock, surprise, a little worry for him and then quite a lot of laughs when they realised what he had cooked up - of course you've all heard of his Dad and as you can imagine his reaction was slightly diffeent ....mega shock, mega anxiety and then a mega telling off (for leo and me) when he realised it was fake and we were told that it was 'in very poor taste' - so you can imagine his reaction when Leo, yesterday, 5 minutes after going onto the rugby field for his first training session of the year actually ended up looking like this (photo below) after breaking his wrist.....and it was of course made worse by the fact that ONLY THAT MORNING we had persuaded his dad to let him play - being the anxious father he is (his anxiety levels regadrding the kids' safety and health have to be seen to be believed) and following the eye incident last year it wasn't easy and yes, I too was a little worried about him playing with those huge boys but he loves it, it is the only sport he loves, he's been playing for a few years now so he knows exactly what to expect - we are NEVER going to be able to persuade his father a third time - I feel so bad for Leo, rugby didn't even come into it - they hadn't even started playing, he just slipped - sod's law or what!

ps this photo was taken while the aneasthetic was still working - since wearing off we haven't seen anything vaguely similar to a smile - he is in some pain, a lot of discomfort and is very down in the mouth - my poor boy.


  1. Sod must be related to Murphy. Poor Leo. Ice cream is always a cure for "down in the mouth." Yeah! Ice cream for everyone! Here's hoping for smooth healing.

  2. oh poor poor boy. I have no idea what to suggest to help with the pain :( Father's however, I sigh with you. Why are they so over protective. Is it because they don't see the enjoyment that comes the activities even despite the minor risks. Broken bones, stitches etc are in many ways (whilst not fun) a rite of passage through childhood. We manage risk as best we can, but wrapping them in cotton wool is not the answer. Huggle Leo well and I hope you have the tenacity to see you through the difficult conversations with Father. xxx