Monday, August 29, 2011

The best laid plans....

.......may work IF YOU READ THE SMALL PRINT!!!!
They don't do cards in Italy - well they do but people don't generally send them so as a result the ones you can find in the shops are either really really tacky or ok but over priced. For years I have made do but last spring I decided to become super organised and order a load of cards to see me through the year from cardsdirect - they have lovely cards which are really good value and by buying them all in one go I felt pretty chuffed with myself - until yesterday that is - it is my niece's birthday in September so off I went to my stack of cards to get the 'Happy Birthday you are 4' card - and then I remembered ....she is gong to be 3 - than I looked at the others that are still there wating to be used, "Happy Birthday now you are 14" - ready for Leo on October 27th - and "Happy Birthday now you are 17" -ready for Thomas on October 7th - the card for Thomas is blue but no, I didn't read the small print......"You're seventeen! Have a shiny happy birthday, Glitz and Glamour all the way, cos you're super special birthday girl and today's your special day"! AAAAghhhhhhh


  1. Moon pig and dogsdoodahs ! They must do international post :) maybe you can cut out the bits of the unusables and collage them into usables....hang on one cotton picking....make your own !

  2. Damn the small print. And they probably put it in 2 point type so it was very, very noticable. :-)