Friday, August 26, 2011

UFOs Italian style

I snapped this photo with my phone as I was lying on a sunbed at the beach yesterday and uploaded it to Facebook - a friend in London (a very rainy, wet, cold London right now) saw it and said that for a moment he thought I had taken a photo of some flying saucers.....even though he has just come back from a mega holiday in Texas I 'm guessing he has already forgotten what blue skies look like. How is it possible, and no I am not asking for a geography lesson here, that we are only less than a 2 hour flight away but we are all 'suffering' the weather in different ways - back in the UK rain etc and here we are dying of the heat (when I took the kids to the station on Thursday to travel down to see their Dad in Rome it was a constant 41° - with the car in the shade!) - I have seriously had enough - give me some cold, give me some rain, let me cook, let me eat, let me clean the house, let me do anything that can be done when we are not cowering from the sun....


  1. ...let me swap with you fo just 1 day :)

  2. Beam me up! That's a UFO I could really love.