Saturday, August 20, 2011

Over for another year

Leo is back from Scout Camp - and it has seemed like such a long 2 weeks. No Parents' Day in the middle this time - they were up in the Dolomites about a 5 hour drive away - the Parents' Day would have been last Sunday, 14th August, the middle day of the big Summer Bank Holiday weekend so the traffic would have been really bad but more importantly no one could find anywhere to stay up there as hotels etc were only accepting bookings for a week or so - to be honest I had found a solution - we were going to stay in Bolzano (2 hours away) so that on the day we could drive to the camp, spend the day and then face the 5 hour drive home happy that we'd seen the kids but....I didn't go the pre camp meeting - it was put to the vote and Parents Day lost - by 2 votes (Nicoletta wasn't there either and she, like me, would have voted for the Day) - oh well, you live and learn and I have definitley learnt that that next time I will go to ALL the meetings. They came home last night after a terribly long journey - the contro esodo - it must have been a shock to their systems as they had left the mountains where for the past two weeks temperatures have been between 6 and 20° to being back here where at 9.00 last night it was 32° - but Leo (and his pals) did get to sleeep in a bed last night, use a toilet and drink some coke - happy days. ps hope you can see the video and that it isn't private again.......


  1. Oh my! The setting for camp is stunning! I'm not sure I'd even mind not having a Coke to be able to see scenery like that every day. Glad he's back home safely.

  2. I would have wanted a parents day too, who would vote no?! I would want a day with those views and just to share in the atmosphere even if my children weren't there never mind if they were!! Camp is the most fantastic thing. They learn so much, such incredible experiences that they will carry into adulthood. Bless those leaders ....2 weeks....eeeek! I wonder if they would like an extra next year?!