Thursday, August 18, 2011

So Italian it's not funny - or maybe it is....

Tonight at dinner.....

"Thomas did you see that I got you some new deodorant?"
"Yes, but it's the wrong one - I have some sort of reaction to all the spray deodorants"
"Damn, even the Nivea one?"
"Yes, the only one I can use is the one Dad got me at Chirstmas - the Gucci one"

My son thinks he can only use Gucci deodorant - you have to be kidding me!!


  1. they really do know every trick in the book these 'children', don't they! Being as dad started it, I suggest dad fund it :)

  2. Gucci deodorant? Guess Dad can buy the deodorant from now on.

  3. Brilliant, the boy is a genius...why did I never think of that one?