Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer far....

No summer is not yet over - and with the temperature set to rise to the upper 30's today and tomorrow there's no way I am going to forget it. Despite the upset with losing Bonkers we've had a good summer so far - enough work for me not to panic about all jobs drying up (it is August and it is Italy so of course most offices are closed) but enough free time to enjoy summer type things - we've had days in the country with family/friends, my first visit to the opera (Rigoletto in the Sferisterio of Macerata - a kind of smaller version of the Arena in Verona - amazing), a holiday in Slovenia, sun bathing and swimming off our (for 3 days only) private terrace in Trieste, Steve Wynn in Brisighella and generally a good time being had by all .........there have been a few 'tense' moments with Thomas - boy is it hard being 16 going on 17 yet still having to stick to family rules and it is hard wanting to do so much but not actually being able to do everything (because your parents so inconsiderately butt in all the time - long story but here's an example.......10 days working as an English interpreter for a national beach soccer football team for the Beach Soccer World Cup being put up in a 5 star hotel in a VIP resort sounds great to a 16 year old - not so great to mum and dad - especially when the organisers chose not to speak or contact us, the parents, were only going to pay €30 a day (because yes, 16 is underage) and he was supposed to follow the teams every move - where they go, he was supposed to go what about the nightclubs?, the bars? the lack of supervision??? ) all in all he has had some life lessons to learn this summer - we hope he has learnt them - who knows - only time will tell - here's hoping.


  1. Sounds like you've had a pretty great summer so far. Yes, 16 going on 25...I mean extremely hard on teenager! :-) I'd have been worried as well if mine had been put in the situation he was with the soccer team. But I guess we have to let go sometime. I wasn't able to view the video. It said it was private. So I guess I'll leave it to my imagination. Hope you have a great weekend, my friend.

  2. This wasn't supposed to be private - I've changed the settings now - have a good weekend too!!!!