Friday, June 3, 2011

Grateful for the ordinary /( a bit late) - and not mine (thank you lisa)

I am beginning to realise.........I became a Mum when I was 27 and now I will always be a Mum but in a couple of years Thomas will be moving away to go to Uni, Leo a few years after that and so probably within about 6 or 7 years I will be a 'long distance ' Mum - doesn't that sound terrible? I imagine that both of them will live elsewhere - Thomas has grand ideas about travelling and somehow I don't see either of them staying to live around here - I'm guessing they will live a long way from their Mum just as I do and just as their Father does. The time we have with our children close to us, living an everyday life with our children is just a period in our lives and it is a period which right now I have suddenly realised is very very short - when we have kids and when we are bringing them up they are all consumming, they take up every moment of the day, thinking about them, worrying, taxiing them around, helping, yelling, clearing up etc etc but if I live to be 80 (my Grandma is 96 and going strong) the actual time I will have spent living with my kids will, rough guess, only be about 30% of those 80 years - and I hate hate hate that thought. I remember reading the poem 'Children' By Gibran in my teens and thinking it was ridiculous, now I don't, and now I am beginning to 'watch' our everyday moments, our ordinary life with different eyes now - and I remembered this post from one of my favourite bloggers's the video


  1. That made me cry. Then I went off and read the poem. Lovely. I also see the end of my mother road looming and I feel cheated because I only got one go at it. Funny old world and life. Wonder what the next road is that we turn into, the one after motherhood.

  2. I'm late reading my favorite blogs, but thank you for the kind words and the shout out! May we all pay more attention to all the little, everyday moments while we still can. And be sure to take lots and lots and lots of photos of them!