Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend in Ravenna

These photos are nothing special - I am not the blogger who always has a camera to hand (and even when I do I'm not particularly good) - but I do have a phone so last night when the boys were off to a beach party I got a photo of them in there 'I Love Sotto' t-shirt - Robert has kindly informed me this can be interpreted in 2 ways - as Thomas's mum I am choosing to believe it is "I love Sottomarino" - the beach bar they go to for these parties (and if you want to know the other meaning you'll have to look in a dictionary and then use your imagination) .....they had of course had t-shirts made for the whole gang but Thomas left them at home - way to go Tom!

You can also see Leo (plus flat cap) - looking quite refreshed (and clean) after an afternoon at scouts - they were there putting the finishing touches to the raft that today they took here to the lagoon near Ravenna .......

.....when I went to pick him up it was seriously hot - July hot - but it was lovely - and the photos really do not do the place justice - I have already told Robert that when we eventually pick up the kayak from the beach - one of those things I try not to think about because I get p****d off - long story - we have to go kayaking here - so lovely....... oh, and here is Leo looking not quite so refreshed and clean.....but he does have a different hat on!!!


  1. That hat has to go !!! I hunted around about sotto but got nowhere!! I'll just assume it was rude!

  2. Not being current on Italian slang, I'll have to do a bit of researching. The lagoon looks like a great place to spend time kayaking. Hope you have fun.