Thursday, June 9, 2011

(Middle) School's out .......... for good

The kids break up today - and it is Leo's last day at middle school - the sumer holidays have started and although he has to go back for a few exams over the next 2 weeks (I'll try and gloss over the fact that he has one oral exam which covers ALL subjects as well as 5 written papers with two of them being on the same day - give me a break - whoever had the bright idea of giving 13 year olds two 4 hour papers on the same day should not be in teaching!!) so I now have 2 kids who are in their last stage of compulsory schooling - and while I do not want to go back to babies, puch chairs,etc etc sort of sucks.


  1. Very sucky indeed. And exam planning pffft. That's just dreadful.

  2. Sounds like a grueling exam schedule. Yuck. And don't you know...teachers don't care what the other teachers are assigning because THEIR class is the MOST important. (Sigh)