Friday, May 20, 2011

A boy on a mission.

Thomas has a problem. He is worried about us. He is worried we don't get out enough. He does, he's 16, he goes out regularly - all good clean teenage fun (I am SURE!!). But now he's worried about us - he had a conversation with his dad last weekend who told him that maybe things didn't work out between him and me because we didn't have much of a couple life - that isn't why things didn't work out - not at all - but it has got Thomas wondering, and worrying,- Robert and I don't go out a lot, evening life in Italy starts so late, the cinema doesn't finish until gone 11, if you go our for a drink after dinner you don't go until well past 9, if you do any sort of activity (dancing etc) that agian doesn't start til way past 9 - and I am just too tired. I can't do it. After a day of work etc etc it is just too much. and the same goes for Robert. But now work has calmed down a bit, I am not collapsing on the sofa at 9 each evening, Robert isn't travelling all over the north east of Italy and sleeping away 3 nights a week, and the summer evenings are already upon us Thomas will have his wish - we will be going out more, we already are - roll on summer is all I say..
And on a completely different note.... Leo - he made it into the paper!!!!! He has no idea how happy he made me - my Italian son in my old local paper - it means more than he will ever know (although I have to say I wish they hadn't used the photo of him in his flat cap.......)


  1. It's a cool hat! We find it hard to make time to go out together, mainly because we are too tired too! I've got visions of you both hiding round the corner from home looking at your watches saying "I wonder if it's too early to go home yet, it'll only worry him if we get home early" :D

  2. Ahhh, it's so cute when the kids are worried about the parents. But I can completely understand where he's coming from...thinking if you and Robert don't get out more you, the relationship may end up the same way. So....go out on dates! But go early so you don't miss out on any sleep. ;-)

    And the flat top cap is still adorable. It's great he's on the front page!