Monday, May 9, 2011

Go Canaries!!!!

Leo is a Canaries supporter (as I may have mentioned once or twice in the past) -he has never been to a match (we picked the wrong weekend when we went over to Norwich in February) but he did get to see the Stadium, Carrow Road, where they play .....well you can imagine his joy now that they have been promoted up to the Premiership (it won't last long but hey, why spoil a small boy's pleasure....) - to celebrate we went into Ravenna yesterday and took a load of photos of him in the shirt reading The Pink 'Un (Norfolk's local sports newspaper) - by all accounts every Thursday they publish photos of readers around the world - who knows, maybe he'll get in....... we had a laugh taking them anyway!!!
....outside Dante's tomb.......

.....outside San Vitale.....
....on the steps of Garibaldi's statue......

...and then there is this .....he has just come back from his school trip to France....with the one souvenir he bought himself.........doesn't everyone who goes to Provence by a flat cap???? or is it just him???


  1. I wonder if we should mention to him about Bernard Cribbins?!

  2. By my count, there are 5 week's worth of Readers from Around the World! And doesn't he look like the little man with his flat cap int he last shot? ;-)