Saturday, March 19, 2011

A girl (of 44!) who can't say no......

Most blokes like it if their women 'can't say no' right?? - mine doesn't - I think it pisses him off a little..........I seem to do it all the time - working from home was supposed to simplify life - and when I am only translating it does just that but .....I still have the kiddies in the afternoon (who I love teaching and probably the human contact thing is good after hours on the computer) but now I have also found myself in one of those 'I just can't say no' situations - a school I have taught at for 7 years, the teachers are personal friends of mine and while I was able to ditch all the other schools I just haven't been able to ditch them - so, now teaching in school, teaching the kiddies and trying to convince the agencies that I am a full time translator (as opposed to a translator who takes work on and ends up working in the night to get it done so she can put her teacher's cap on in the morning!!) is no easy feat - but I try.....we need this weekend (the boys are away) - I have been working mad hours - I have been poorly - the children have been sucking the life out of me (nothing major but one has tests at shcool, needs help/reassurance etc, etc, the other has love life/social life problems and has gone away with school for a week to Malta - so sort out stuff to take, money, documents etc - all normal stuff but you know what it's like) - so I said no to a job last night - I am making progress and he was amazed!!!


  1. Working from home often with neither work nor family get the best of you but the compromise is worthwhile if you can resign yourself to less than perfect in all things. The problem with saying no is the people you are saying it to quite often don't hear it. Things will pick up xxx

  2. I'm one of those women as well. It takes a lot to be able to say, "I'm not the right person for that job right now." I need to do it more often. With full-time job and adjunct teaching at the university, my free time is limited...and valuable! But when a friend calls to ask........