Sunday, March 20, 2011

Non c'è due senza tre

Having a stake in 3 of the Six Nations rugby teams I can be pretty certain that on any one day of the Six Nations Tournament one of my teams will win - as a kid growing up with a Welsh father and all Welsh relatives you can imagine that we all shouted for Wales (as I still do) but since I lived the first 23 years of my life in England and consider myself, well, English I can also shout for England (as I do) and then of course there's the fact that we live in Italy, my kids are Italian and on Thursday for the celebrations of 150 years of the Italian Constitution we had (and still have) an Italian flag flying from our balcony I feel I have a right to shout for Italy too (as I do). So how is it that yesterday all 3 of my teams lost!!!!!!! W shall just have to make the most of the fact that we were there last weekend when Italy beat France in Rome - the match was great just like the whole weekend ......

And here is a video of the final moments of the game - it was touch and go whether France would come back and reclaim the win - but they didn't - once you get past the rugby bit you will see how the stadium just explodes (ps I am NOT the one respnsible for the squealing you can hear - it was some por Italian woman who I am surprised made it to the end of the about excited!!!!)

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  1. But Italy beat France. And that's all that matters! Fun pics. Looks like you all had a great time. BTW: I can't link directly back to my blog with any of your comment options. :-(