Friday, February 25, 2011

Greater love hath no man.....

(Leo reading The Pink Un when Norwich got promoted)

....than he who stays at home to look after one of her children while she jaunts off to the UK for a weekend with the other. We had planned a weekend in Norwich - all for Leo - he is desperate to see his Grandfather (my dad), watch a rugby match with him and be able to walk around Norwich wearing his Norwich City football scarf (he has just joined the Italian Canaries supporters club - there are now 12 members!) When we booked it was decided Thomas wouldn't come - he went in January and shouldn't really miss any more school and in any case what 16 year old wouldn't love a long weekend at home alone - we didn't know if Robert would be able to come but with the tickets only being 20 euro each it seemd daft not to book for him on the off chance he could get Monday off work - which he can - but now Thomas is poorly - not ill - just a bad cold and temperature but he got so ill in the summer following a cold that we don't want to risk it happening again - so tonight Leo and I fly to the UK and Robert will stay and keep an eye on Thomas. That's the official line - the unofficial line is that the weekend will entail us staying with my best friend from school (lots of chin wagging planned), we will see my dad who is COMPLETLY loopy (certified - and you should see the emails he has sent to the papers (2), the local radio and BBC Norfolk asking them all to do a piece on this 13 year old Italian Norwich City fan), we will see old family friends and then meet up with yet another girlfriend of mine from what do you reckon? official line? or unofficial line???

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  1. Officail for Thomas and Robert Defo, but post the unofficial here. They may not look ;0)

    Hope Thomas picks up quickly and you and R have fun x Think I will be in Suffolk, not too far to wave :0)