Sunday, January 24, 2016

The week that was...

One of my special presents...for those of us who can't remember the name of their own road....
apparently something to do with how I am wired 
...the week that saw the boys drive up to Liverpool for the long awaited FA Cup replay.....along with the other 5998 Exeter fans. I could have gone, we could have got an extra ticket, the hotel was already paid for, I could have taken my work with me but actually.....I quite fanicied having the house to myself. Of course I hadn't banked on being poorly but really, even if I wasn't feeling up to much, the quiet in the house was good, just for one night...and they had a geat night...Robert and leo got to hang out, Leo was able to hear a scouser accent for the first time, he experienced "up north", and they both enjoyed all of the (frankly quite bizarre) Exeter chants ...and yes, they lost, but fun was result.

...the week that saw me drive to the hospital in Bristol with my mum. A meeting which had been dreaded..cochlear implant yes, or no. The specailst we saw was fantastic.... the NHS certainly has all the problems we know about but on a very personal level, I can only sawy that everyone we have dealt with in the NHS over the last 18 months....and there have been many, for many varied reaosns, have all been fantastic. This girl looked about 12....I thought she was on a work placement...she wasn't. She carried out an incredible 3 hour assessment and then gave the implant just yet. Relief, It will happen, But not right now. So mother was able to jet off to her South American cruise without it hanging over her head.. Thank you NHS.

...the week I sat in the car and had Leo drive me around. A bit weird...we have a Volvo estate automatic so not ideal for learning to drive, or we have the left-hand drive Panda...not ideal either...but that's what we have  - and he was good. All in all a much better experience than sitting in the car in Italy while Thomas was learning....stressful does not even come close. But driving around the Devon lanes with Leo was fine, actually more than fine, it was fun.

...the week that saw me turn 49. And the week that saw me receive my first ever card from Robert (together 15 years, ..). I had a card, I had some gifts, and a cake...which he made. It made me happy.

And Leo gave me his time (and a gift) but his time was the biggest gift. We drove off into deepest Devon to a community hall to see an amateur dramatic performanc of a Pantomime...and it was outstanding ....a bit surreal....sitting in a Primary School hall, waiting for a Panto, with Leo ..and watching the locals buy their bottle of wine and beer (all in the school hall) 2.30 on a Saturday afternoon...I guess this is Devon.


  1. he made you cake?! Blimey...I think I could wait 24 years and that is never going to happen here!! Thoughtless rushed presents galore for 15 years but never a cake - blimey (again!) I wonder if he will now feel he's done 'the birthday thing' and that will be last of it?! Happy Birthday. How long do you plan to be 49 for? I've been dropping my age back for a while now so 49 is in fact much further off than previously predicted :)

  2. Happy birthday! I miss the NHS now I am not in Britain! I also miss hearing all of the British accents too. I had the house to myself last night, it was lovely!

  3. Happy, happy birthday again, my friend. I'm glad you had an enjoyable day. I remember those days with newly-licensed drivers! AAACCCKKK! I love having the house to myself so don't feel guilty! :-)