Saturday, January 16, 2016

Randomness 16th Jan.....

1. I love Dartmoor. It is still one of the best things about living in the West Country ... as I drive down the A30 on a Saturday morning to pick Leo up after a Friday night out, I look to my left and see Dartmoor is imposing, powerful, beautiful...and somehow the light that falls on it, whatever the time of day or the season, is just incredible.

2. Did I really a need a "non-work" computer to get back on the blogging horse...I told myself I did. And I am ashamed to say that finding one was this world of "too much" I had a choice of 2 (my old one and a cast-off that somehow ended up at ours)... I need to compartmentalise, always and everything..and working from home makes it even more important for me - I still get dressed for work, no working in Pjs for me (althrough a glass of bubbly towards the end of the day is permitted) is work (at my desk, in the conservatory) and home is home maybe by having this second computer which I can treat as a non-work PC, I will be able to blog again, I will keep in touch with people, I will do non-work things...we will see.

3. I miss Thomas. Daft really - but seeing him in Brussels in November has made me miss him more. He is going through a tough time...maybe not exactly tough but he is feeling the transition of being young and fairly carefree to having to make serious decisions, having to think about how to finance his dreams, having to wake up to his responsibilities and at the same time taking responsibility for his decisions. I know he will be fine. I am very proud of him. But I want to make it easy for him ...and I can't, and I mustn't. He has to find his way and he will. But I miss him. Not made easier by him coming over next week to see his girlfriend in Nottingham...and yes, I want to say "we'll come up and take you both out for lunch ect" but they need time together without mum muscling in. So I will keep stumm for now.

4. Go Grecians. Everyone knows we have embraced life back in the UK. Robert more than anyone. And the FA Cup is proof. He has been a Liverpool fan all his life but coming to Exeter, and finding out that Exeter FC is owned by the Supporters, he has become an Exeter fan too.....Leo is a Trust member, he and Leo go to the odd game, they both have an Exeter FC shirt and he spent New Years Eve desperately trying to get tickets for the FA Cup match against Liverpool...he made it, and they had a fantastic night at the game...and he supported Exeter, against HIS team. So now the replay...on Wednesday they will join the other 3998 Exeter supporters and make the trip to Liverpool for the replay's to another great night.

5. My name is Kathryn. I know the spelling is not the most common but it is not hard. If I write an email and sign off as Kathryn, why do people (Italians, for work) insist on writing back to Katheryne, Kathrin, Kath or Kathy?? Did you read my email? Did you not see that my name is Kathryn?? Or are you just too lazy? It seems they are....this week I have started signing off as Kat (I feel like I have stolen the name of my cousin's daughter) and hey, who would have thought? People are now writing back to what did they ever have against Kathryn?? Robert was Rob for all his life in Canada, he was Robert in Italy and now he is a bit of both...does it matter? I love it when Italians call Leo Leonardo, and Thomas maybe Tom to some, but I just can't call him Tom, he is Thomas, to me....But really... Robert, Kathryn, Thomas and Leo? Rob, Kat, Tom and Leonardo? What's in a name? We are who we are whatever.


  1. Hello KATHRYN! So good to see you back in the blogosphere. I've missed you. First, LOVE the light and shadow of the first shot. Gorgeous. I miss our youngest daughter who lives in Florida...17 hours away. But she is making her own way and we are very proud of her as well. Happy to hear you all have adjusted and embraced life in the UK. Hope to talk with you again soon. Take care, my friend. xo

  2. lovely pictures. I've been wanting to change my name for years how lucky for you to have a really good reason to be able to (although not so great when you were ok with the one you already had!!). Belgium looks nice. I remember not being so impressed with Brussels but maybe I was in the wrong place.