Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I am so over......

bragbook facebook......or am I just a miserable git?????

I have had a love-hate relationship for it for sometime now. But I know it has its strengths. This summer one of the boys' best friends will be gong to Canada for 3 months ....thanks to FB - she asked me if I knew of any families who might want an au pair for the summer (she was thinking England)....I put the word out on FB and lo and behold a friend I met last summer in Canada, who had become my friend on FB managed to get Gabri in touch with her sister-in law's sister (still following??)  and.....she leaves next week for 3 months in Canada - thanks to FB!
Also, my cousin's daughter will be coming to Italy (Ravenna) to spend 3 weeks with a family I know  - they wanted to host an English teenager for the summer to try and build a friendship between their kids and kids abroad -- it all got sorted through FB - my cousin was able to 'meet' and chat with the host Mum, and even more than that the kids involved have been able to get and then keep in when Lily comes it will almost be like she already knows the kids, their friends and the family - result! And I have another more personal success story - of long lost relationships. For people who live away from family and friends it is great - but there so often seems to be an 'edge' to it.....people trace old loves (which can only end badly - am I right??) , old people you knew become your FB friends (but why did you lose touch etc) ..... And really, just how many photos of yourself can you post? how many times can you brag about where you've been? what you've been doing? is there no end? I know I have no right to say all this so that's why I deactivated my account - it's not for me to say what people do and don't post but it is my choice whether I want to see it all the time right??


  1. I find it most helpful when I want to know what my daughter in Florida is doing! And my mom likes seeing the pics of the grand loves since she's out of town. I like keeping up with friends I don't see very much. But agree, sometimes it turned into either a bragbook or a venting tool! I guess nothing is perfect. :-)

    1. You're absolutely right - for people living away it is great - so many good relationships have been rekindled and maintained ..... (and that is true for me too - but maybe I had just run my course with it:)