Monday, May 13, 2013

Do I even remember how?

How to blog that is (some things really are just like riding a bicycle I guess) ..... anyway I am back - detoxing from Facebook but still wanting to 'do' something not work related as I sit at the computer for hours everyday - so here I am again, not starting a new blog (tried that, didn't work - sound familiar Supermum???)  Back with the tried and tested. And back doing the rounds of my favourite blogging places.......

Our Pinocchio


  1. And yes, the photo is waaaaay too big - guess not quite like riding a bike.....maybe need to get the stabilisers back on

  2. It's not too big on the mobile view. I didn't know you were writing another blog. I thought you'd been quiet here!

    1. No, I had just been quiet here - years ago I had tried a new blog but this time I'll stick to what I know - and if I had a new blog how could those few readers I have ever find me ;).

  3. Well, some of us would seek you out! You can run but you can't hide. Happy to see you around my haunts in the Interweb! Hope you and yours are doing well. Your kiddos are growing up soooo fast! :-)