Monday, January 21, 2013

It used to be so much easier

....when they were little. Knackering it's true, but easier. Leo left for France yesterday - school trip to the sunshine - leaving behind the grey skies of Ravenna and heading for the sun of the French Riviera - he'll have a great time and no worries there. But then there's Thomas - tonight he will finally get to see his beloved Juventus play in the Coppa Italia (Italian FA Cup) in their home stadium in Turin - a mere 400+ kms away. and that includes a stretch he will be driving on the motorway (in the dark, in the bad weather etc etc) - after having had his licence for a month - he needs experience driving and this is experience - but me thinks it's going to be a long night here in Via Saporetti wating for him to get home.....

Thomas and Gianluca.....the other Juve nutter ;)


  1. Oh how I remember those new-driver nights! I'd stay up with you if I was in the same time zone! :-)

  2. Oh gee whizz. Count the grey hairs before and then after. You are right, feeding every 2 hours endlessly seems like a walk in the park sometimes compared to sitting up all night hoping all is ok.

    1. no new grey hairs - he's back safe and sound and asleep in bed now :) .. now onto the next thing.....