Thursday, October 18, 2012

Good sign or bad? Yes this is going to be moan....

This year the boys timetable at school changed - Leo only does 27 hours a week over 6 days so it was no big deal to him (he leaves school at 11.50 on 3 days for heaven's sake). Thomas on the other hand starts at 7.50 everyday and leaves at 13.50, with only a 15 minute break - and it is hard, full on school work (also accompanied by a good 4 hours homework most days). Last year they finished at 13.25 - only 25 minutes more but those 25 minutes did actually make a difference. So the kids (and a lot of parents I am told) complained - now I am all for democracy and all that but my first thought was 'if the school have decided to change the timetable they will have a good reason for it - so we just suck it up' - that just seemed obvious to me - they wouldn't do something just for the heck of it would they? Well apparently they did, because now, 5 weeks into the school term, they are reverting back to the old timetable - to which they get a big fat raspberry from me - should I see it as a good thing that they have listened to the complaints saying now that they are reverting back (the official line is because it takes some kids 45 minutes to get home meaning they have less time to study at home) - or should I see it the way I do....why didn't they actually look into it before making the change?
Pps this is on top of Thomas's class (ie the kids, not the parents or the teachers) kaiboshing the idea of their final school trip (a huge deal here) to Berlin in March (they are at the Linguistic Grammar school studying German) because 'it will be cold' - so they are going to Barcelona instead even though only half the class do Spanish and most have already been there.......
But I suppose we do get good pizza and wine.


  1. I'm all for pizza and wine! I can see why they picked Berlin, but I'd take Barcelona over Berlin any day of the week.

  2. I can't believe they changed the school trip from Berlin to Barcelona! Now I know why do many Italians go to Barcelona for their annual trip. Berlin's not that cold in March. Come to think of it, it's not really cold at all, they should go to Canada during January!

    The Italians' unshakable fear of cold wind really cracks me up. No, it won't kill you!