Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Old friends are simply the best friends.....

If I don't crack on and post about Thomas' 18th it will be time to post about Leo's 15th (in 10 days) - I/they never wanted joint birthday parties so I don't see why they should have to put up with a joint birthday post.
Every year on his birthday I think about the night he was born - and this year was no different - except that instead of lying in a hosiptal bed basking  in the knowledge I had a new beautiful baby I was lying on the bathroom floor praying that Thomas wouldn't come back from his party and find me like that (I swear I ad TWO Cosmopolitans - nothing else....but I guess no food all day wasn't a good idea.....) .....but I digress.....this is supposed to be about his birthday and hangover - not mine........
We managed to find the perfect place for his party. I had numerous sleepless nights thinking there was no way I could make a cake that was good enough- it is ridiculous - I have made all their birthday cakes - we've had the lot, football shirts, rugby pitches, teletubbies, Tarzan, volcanoes, Uncle Scrooge etc etc- and in Italy, that's weird (I once had a run-in with the Italian in.laws -they wanted to buy the cake and when I refused (it was my son's first birthday and I was going to go all out if it killed me) it was pointed out to me that if we didn't buy a cake it would look like we couldn't afford it.... get that??? - anyway, anyone who is anyone buys the cake - it is just what you do. I decided (at 2.3 one morning) I couldn't risk making a disaster of a cake which would be seen by all his friends so  I finally gave in and bought a cake  - good idea....they loved it. The party was a success - and we were even given permission (by the birthday boy) to pop in and see how it was all going.....it clearly went well....he came home at 3 and had the hangover from hell the next day......I guess if you're going to get a hangover, your18th birthday party is the night to get it right?

Davide being....Davide....(another one who can do no wrong in our eyes)
The wonderful Gabriela - we are big fans (and by all accounts she is supposed to marry Leo one day.....)

 and I have NO idea what is happening to the photos......


  1. Looks like a good time was had by all. And Gabriella is adorable!

  2. Damn me those boys are fine looking! I can't believe YOU were the one on the floor lol