Friday, September 28, 2012

The first and the last diretta....

Diretta being live coverage of a football match. Thomas wants to be a journalist - a football journalist - he is already writing on a regular basis for a local paper and every weekend we have to go off around the county for him to report on matches - Mondy they print his article on the match and on Tuesday they print the interviews. A year ago he was getting tiny articles published but by April he was being given almost a full page - so pretty good going - if he were being paid it would be even  better right? He also writes for Vavel - and yes, we think he is doing great but in fact it is driving us all nuts - but that's a post/rant for another day. Last week he decided to do his first 'diretta' - for some reason that eludes me it meant having the TV on in Leo's room (where they get sky football), him being on his laptop, his main computer on, the Ipad being used, Leo being on another laptop and his main computer on too ..... I have no idea why - but whatever, it stressed him out no end (he couldn't actually enjoy the match), it stressed Leo out having his room competely taken over, it stressed me out because that is just what I do. Maybe it stressed Robert out but too I doubt it - and he doesn't let on anyway.


  1. Why stress? That's a shame. But maybe it's because of getting the technology right. Now he's done one, he might find it easier next time. As for a stressy have to hold it down or get on twitter lol don't share it with a stressy teen! Share it with other stressy mums....we are old enough and ugly enough to carry it :)

  2. THe stress for Thomas was definitely down to the technology - not just hvaing to write but make sure that it was all being published in rela time. As for my stress......the medication arrived 3 days now, stress is a thing of the past....only sunshine and roses in Via Saporetti from now on ..... ;)