Monday, September 24, 2012

A quick run through.....

A notice we spotted outside the supermarket - in the parking space for the disabled "This space is reserved for disabled drivers. Whoever parks here when they shouldn't, is an ASS"
I keep thinking of posts I want to do etc etc but there never seems to be enough time - the weekend was spent working (for me), out and about for the boys - apart from school and general socialising Thomas is back on the football circuit reporting on local matches (with his driver - me) every Sunday and Leo spent Saturday at school (until 12.50), at Scouts (until 18.00), at Church (until 19.30) waiting for a pizza with all his buddies (until 20.45), then they all went off to play 5-a-side football for two hours which cost them € 102!!!!!!!! Leo came home physically exhausted and emotioanlly traumatised for having to cough up all that money (he was the organiser) - he then spent Sunday in a completely zombified state.....the energy of a 15 year old my eye). Robert managed to get back on the squash court with Stefano and no friendships were ended but he did end up in the hospital for 6 hours on Sunday with a swollen, hot knee - part of life in Italy....if you have any ailment on a Saturday or Sunday, no doctor will see you so you have to go to Casualty, yes, I know we are all programmed (in the UK and Canada at least) to think that Casualty is only for well, casualties or emergencies but here that's what you do....which is why you may find some one who has a had a serious car accident, a kid with a high temperature or bad cough (that was never me and my kids), some scout who has come back from camp with a tick attached (that was Thomas - and yes I was mortified but I didn't know how to get the damn thing off him and everyone I spoke to said take him to casualty - so I did), or some Canadian with a swollen knee - which it turns out is nothing serious - a pain but not serious. So anyway no time for posts....

Kids' breakfast - only 5  days late for the gallery - and yes, we are all still obsessed with all things Canadian

My neighbour managed to block the whole street for hours -I mean why wouldn't you just dump a load of soil in the street and then leave the lorry there??

Best onion rings EVER

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  1. Ugh! I know the feeling. I'm having lots of trouble finding time to write...and read my faves. But, I'd love to help you eat those onion rings!!