Friday, October 14, 2011

So not what I'd planned

Thomas came back from 12 days in Germany last night.. He had celebrated his 17th birthday while he was away and had had some hair brained idea of going out to celebrate there Italian style - ie the birthday boy pays for everyone else - having a birthday here can turn into quite a financial commitment - and this time it would have been even more financially crippling - there were 30 Italians on the trip and 30 Germans - I pointed out that going out and paying for all the others wasn't really a viable option - once the econmics of the whole thing were pointed out to him he seemed to understand (??!!) but I said we would celebrate once he got home.

To be honest his birthday was over a week ago and coming back they had a 14 hour coach journey so I don't think he had even remebered. But I did. I made a huge cake and called one of his best friends to arrange for him to get 'the boys' round here as a surprise birthday do - there should have been 6 of them in all - I made the cake (6 17 year old boys (plus us) will eat a lot of cake I thought) and a fair amount of beer (6 17 year old boys will drink a lot of beer).

But my mistake was.......I had called Davide, who we love dearly but who always has to "just have a shower" before he does anything else, to call round and tell the others about it - I called him last weekend but when I sent him a message on Thursday evening to confirm and he didn't respond I expected the worst - he finally got in touch a couple of hours before Thomas arrived to say that only he and Raffa would be there - I would put money on him only having actually called the others once he got my text the night before - anyway, he and Raffa would be here -he also asked if Thomas then could go to the pub with them (Thomas is on a 'one night out a week' regime at the moment) - I said of course - it was what we had expected - but at the same time I had thought they would stay here at least for a bit - Raffa arrived.

Thomas was duely surprised, then next thing we know Agata and boyfriend are waiting for them in the car outside to give everyone a lift to the pub - Davide turned up, they took the cake and the candles and went to celebrate at the pub - and Robert and I were left with a bottle of bubbly and a fridge full of beer (the boys did invite Leo but he is only 13 - not quite 'out to the pub on a Friday night' age) - like I said, not the birthday I had planned for Thomas, not Thomas's fault at all just one of those things - and looking back dealing with 17 year old boys, Davide's organisational skills and the fact that we are talking about Italians here I guess it was all pretty predictable. But my boy did get his presents, did get his cards and he did have a good night.


  1. hmmmm...boys! *sigh* Did you at least get to try a little cake?

  2. So many times these commemorative family events are so much better planned in our heads than they actually turn out to be! You tried, and I'm sure he had fun!