Wednesday, October 12, 2011

At last......

The day has finally arrived.......time for the plaster to come off (he had been very clear about not letting anyone write on it but that didn't last long as you can see......)

When the doctor brought out the saw it just looked like a mega vacuum cleaner - how much mess could one cast make??? anyway, it wasn't - I hated seeing someone take a saw to my child but he, Leo, thought it was hysterical ........ now he has this - for another couple of weeks but he can wash his own hair, put his own socks on, cycle to school, write, hold a fork properly, clear the table etc - all those piddly things that have made the last few weeks a bit of a pain..........(oh, and play the bass again)

and now for something completely different - Thomas, Allegra and Giorgio are moving into politics - they are standing for student council - here's hoping they make it - and here's hoping they can make some changes......

and finally.......why wouldn't you have a cheese grater in a bedroom? clearly nothing else is nearly as good as this for supporting the wii thing (hell I don't even now what it's called - as Leo has told me recently......update your language mum)


  1. Grater?! Do they do it on purpose to annoy and perplex or do they genuinely think differently to us *sigh* I'm sure I say 'why?' to my daughter more times a day now than she ever said to me when she was small! PS hooray to Leo's arm x

  2. Clear the table? Hallelujah! :-) Here's to making change, one student council member at a time. And that is one lovely Wii holder. You may have started a trend.