Monday, September 26, 2016

The light has gone

It has been almost 3 weeks....I didn't see it coming....I feel bereft....the "empty nest syndrome" seems so banal but now I am living it, I know it is far far worse.
Our life in England is better in every way, but we came to England when we did, so that you would have opportunities,...and so now you are not here, I can't see any reason for being here, for working,  doing the shopping, buying flowers for the house, making cakes, making an affort..I am going through the motions but there is no point without you or Thomas.
You don't know it  but I am heart broken.... I can barely go into your room..I keep the door closed,.I can't go into town....everything sends me off...
Every day sees me a crying is shameful but I don't seem able to change it.
You asked me months ago, when we knew you would be leaving, never to tell you that I miss you....and I promised...but here I will tell you.
You have always been the sunshine in my life...from the day you were born....always. I am so very proud of you ...and I miss you more than I could ever have imagined.

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