Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Not part of the plan

We moved out, we crossed France (in a Panda with the best dog ever...) without any hiccups, we got across (or under) the Channel, made it to Devon and mum broke her leg. Seriously not part of the plan but ....we muddle through. And muddling will be made so much easier (I hope) once we actually move in. I need my home!! The removal team will be here in a few will be manic but hopefully by tonight we will feel more at home


  1. Oh Kathryn - your poor Mum, at least she is still smiling though. Hope she feels better soon and you get everything sorted!

  2. So not part of the plan :( poor mum

  3. And she has a smile on her face! What a trooper. Hope you're moved in and semi-settled by the time you read this! I've been thinking about you and hope everything is going as well as can be expected! :-)