Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Amor Vincit Omnia... what we have engraved inside our wedding rings....and in times of difficulty it is what has got us through. 
Robert is 'under the needle' as I type - I forget that it is inside our rings at times but it will be on his arm now forever.
There is a lot going on, boxes have been/are still to be packed, painters are coming in, the electrician has been called and lots of goodbyes are being said- we move out in 6 days. But this post is not really about the move, it is to remind me, at some time in the future, how I am feeling today. So many tears in the last 48 hours -  and all tied into the children - leaving Italy isn't about leaving a country - I feel like I am leaving the childrens' childhood behind - this is where they were born, went to school, were children, my children, my small children, my babies....I know we are making the right decision, the right decision for all of us but closing the door on my boys' childhood is harder than I would ever have imagined. I have said goddbye to a lot of fair weather friends - more than I care to think about - but over the last 2 days I have said goodbye to real friends - Mascia and Stefania yesterday, Beppe and Diego today - people who were there - they were there in the really bad times, when there was no hope, when I needed help so I in turn could help the children. The tears are all about the children.....I need Tuesday to roll around quickly so we can look forward - and be excited again ....enough sadness


  1. No it's not 'enough sadness'. Let yourself feel it now or it will hang around longer than it ought. Change is hard. Children growing up is the hardest of that hard, I have found. There will be fun and friends to come, People you don't even know exist yet will be marvellous parts of your life. Looking forward to seeing you. good luck xxx

  2. I understand where you are coming from. Moving is hard…especially when you're emotionally vested in where you are now. I have that problem too.Entrepreneur doesn't so it's much easier for him to change directions. I agree with K in that you're moving to a place where other people will discover how fantastic you are and will become marvelous parts of your life…and you in theirs!