Friday, October 25, 2013

What possible explanation.....

Part of my routine when I get up in the morning is 1) put the coffee on 2) switch the laptop on and then 3) have a tidy up ( which mainly consists of me straightening things...remember the glass/ cup performance?) while waiting for my coffee. This morning was no different....except I found this.

What possible explanation could there be for one of Robert's shoes bring filled up with crisps - quite carefully filled up I have to say - and with the empty bag right next to it. Could Leo be right?? Could it be the ghost of Via Saporetti - maybe moving pigs just doesn't do it for him anymore...


  1. The explanation? Someone getting a kick out of playing with my mind.....

  2. From moving pigs to shoe crisps! Yes, someone is playing with you. :-) Perhaps it is the birthday boy?!

  3. I think I would start to question my sanity if I saw that first thing in the morning! How funny :-)