Monday, October 14, 2013

Salite 2013

We had the Salite on Sunday - Leo has now moved up and is on his way to becoming part of the Clan and Thomas is now into his last year ....time has flown. I am hoping, hoping, hoping Leo continues but at 16 (in 2 weeks) he is struggling ...long story ...... fingers crossed it all works out(feel free tocross all of your fingers and toes too - we need as much help as we can get here....).
Sunday was a lovely day .....the photographer in the family was on hand to capture parts of the day.... as he was 6 years is Leo when he joined (I'm thinking Scouts but he was so tiny it could have been Cubs....but then again, he was so tiny it could have been Scouts) - doing his happy dance.....

With Gabri and Vanti.....
and now here he is........ I just love that the little ones in the photo above are still in the photo below.....
Still with Gabri and Vanti....and Tonno


  1. They are all such handsome boys. I hope scouting has served them well and I hope there is still more they can do together (scouting and the boys) to continue to grow.

  2. I hope so too....Leo is struggling with the 'churchy' side of scouting at the moment - we are really hoping he continues - this is such a delicate age..... (can you tell I'm having kittens????)

  3. He's growing into such a handsome young man! Hope you can help him through his "churchy" doubts so he can benefit and enjoy being part of such a great organization.

  4. Oh, so nice to be part of so,etching that will do him so much good and stand hi, in good stead. I hope he finds a way to make it all work in a way best for him and that he can still take meaning from it and continue!

  5. Great photos. It's nice to see the differences between then and now and great that he has the same friends around him