Friday, September 27, 2013

Way too late...

...for the Gallery (my excuse....I have been snowed under with work and serioulsy destracted by the idea of a dog....).

Anyway, when I think faces, I always think of his - when he's laughing. He has a really 'particular' and loud laugh....(our old neighbour would frequently stop me to ask what Robert had been watching on TV the night before - she could hear him loud and clear!). In this photo - outside the old rugby stadium in Rome after Italy beat Scotland in the 6 Nations (yes, I did get it the right way round) - it is so us....his face laughing like mad and mine, doing a 'what is he on???' look (and no, he wasn't 'on''s a natural look.....;)

another one......
ps...he hates, hates, hates having his photo taken (he will do it if refusing is going to cause him more grief or drama than he wants - he doesn't do drama - it took me a long time to realise that all our best 'couple' photos are of him in the same 'you can't see my face' pose) so will not be thanking me for having posted these but he doesn't read the blog - yes, he knows I have it and he knows I post all sorts of photos of the family etc and he also knows I post photos of him....he just chooses not to look (suits me just fine)


  1. My husband has never read my blog either. He also knows that I talk about him on the blog, but he doesn't want to know what I talk about. I don't post pictures, though, because I am anonymous.

    Those are great pictures of Robert. I get the idea that he's really easygoing, the kind of guy that likes spending the weekend at the cottage drinking beer around the lake.

  2. Easygoing?? You have him down to a tee!

  3. I drag my OH to my blog to force him to read it occassionally! What is it with these uninterested men LOL - of well at least we get to see Robert's happy face :)

  4. LOL! Entrepreneur is vaguely aware that I have a blog! If he only knew........ Glad Robert is such a fun-loving guy! xoxo