Thursday, August 8, 2013

Where did my comfort zone go??

I am not keeping up....partly because i'm on holiday and partly because I keep going out without phone or camera...and blogging without photos just doesn't feel right. Since the game we have been over to Cory's annual bocce party - some good wholesome Canadian fun - good time had by all, we have been bowling in a real Big Lebowski look-a-like bowling alley, we headed off to Niagara Falls - hotel, crapy food, amusement arcade and Maid of the mist - and we loved it! We then made our way to Toronto ( following the wine road and  Niagara on the Lake- oh so pretty).
We arrived yesterday around lunchtime - it was nothing like I expected and for a good hour or so I was way out of my comfort zone. First of all we had booked ( and prepaid)for2nights in a studio apartment - no reviews on booking. Com when we booked back in may but now it is full of terrible reviews - true we had picked it for price and location....long story short, it is not nearly as bad as I feared and is more than fine for us - and most of all, it is clean! once off loaded we went for a walk...comparing it to London it is like we're staying in Lewisham but,walk for30 minutes and you get to Oxford Street( passing through China Town and the university district - it feels like a big city but with small city distances.
Last night we went to see Toronto FC play AS Roma ( Leo's team) and that was great -and so many Italians!!  And yes, we did the hot dog and beers again ( loveit). After the game we managed to find Gabri and the boys went out with her and her buddies - there is no way I would have left them around Wembley at 10.30 at night to go out and then make their way back to Lewisham (and that goes for Rome or Bologna) but Toronto just feels different - and in  fact they were back safe and sound around 1).
Places look so different at different times of the day and driving back after the game I could see that we are in fact in a very hip, cool place - bars, restaurants and things just ' happening'. Toronto took me by surprise - but small town girl likes it.
And talking of hip....Leo's favourite shop in Toronto - probably in Canada for that.


  1. I'm glad they are liking Canada, the football can only have helped :)

    1. The football certainly did - and it was sooo funny listening to all the old IItalian men - they were like little kids who'd been let loose for an evening ;)

  2. Sounds like you're having a wonderful holiday! It's been a long time since I've been in that part of Canada, but remember it being great area.