Sunday, August 18, 2013

Not the best week ever....

Still in Canada but back to the doctor's again...after 4 days of antibiotics Leo is still no better - he is having difficulty eating because his throat is so bad ( like trying to swallow glass he says) - and as you know he doesn't have a lot of fat to live off, a temperature (not high, but there), the most swollen glands I have ever seen in my life and generally feeling terrible. Different antibiotics have now been prescribed ( in case it is strep throat) but all the signs are pointing to glandular fever...
not the souvenir we wanted to bring home from Canada ( even though it probably travelled over from Italy with us).
I feel so bad for him - he lost 2 days of his school trip to the French Riviera with illness, we had plans for this last week in Canada ( Detroit vs Kansas at the top of the list) and if it is the dreaded glandular fever even his trip to London in September could be in jeopardy . Thomas has been a brick - not complaining about spending this week basically at home (thankfully someone invented Netflix! ). We just need to get through tomorrow, get him home and get him tested - so the morning after we arrive Thomas will go with Robert to the hospital for a colonoscopy  (possibly not the best scheduling), I'll take Leo for a blood test and then......we can sleep.
Not exactly how he looks today...


  1. oops. Thought you were the sick one. Poor Leo. Sounds like strep throat, but hope the docs can figure it out soon. Guess he'll need a steady diet of milkshakes and ice cream?! Safe travel back across the pond. xoxox

  2. hey you! I honestly don't know how I missed that you were here in Canada, I'm following on blog lovin now so I don't miss your posts in future! Sorry to hear Leo is sick and wish him well soon x

  3. Hell of a journey when you are ill. Cog was very ill on a long haul once. I had the hostesses bring me all sorts of treats for her from first class including trays of ice and flannels to bring her temperature down. Don't be afraid to ask them for help to get him through it. Sending love x