Wednesday, August 14, 2013

All over the place..

The Canadian seaside- or should I say lakeside ?
Only one lake but numerous beaches. ....we did Grand Bend (not nearly as naff as I had been told), we did Kincardine (a Canadian Sidmouth which I loved), we did Port Elgin (a trip down memory lane) and we did Wiarton (a bit weird to be honest -beautiful scenery but weird town)...... (photos all over the place with this bloody phone.....but will still serve to get my memory going in months/years to come). And then we did the doctor's ......10 days of antibiotics and no kissing on the cards for a while for one member of the family!


  1. Looks like you went to some wonderful places! I hope the doctors weren't too expensive??

  2. To be honest I had remembered a post you wrote recently about the cost of visiting the doctor - we got away with 'only' $40 + $ 27 for antibiotics all of which we can claim back on our travel insurance - and actually I was really impressed that we were able to see a doctor so quickly ( I hear such horror stories from my mum about trying to see the doctor back in the UK) - and it was still cheaper than a trip to the vet's here in Windsor ($60) ;)

    1. A 'foreign' visitor would have much less hassle in the UK as there are walkins and non critical A&Es now too. It's us unfortunates registered with GPs that suffer!

  3. Such gorgeous photos. Looks like you are having a great Canadian summer. Hopefully I'll get to enjoy a summer over there one year x

  4. Lookin' good there on the shoreline! Hope you're feeling better. No fun to be sick on vacay!