Tuesday, July 9, 2013

And just like that.....

School is over..for good. Thomas is no longer a Liceale..... It hasn't been an easy year (bloody awful in parts) but we got through it - the next few months will probably be no easier but I am putting my Zen cap on, I am going back to being just a mum who loves him and I am going to try and let go. He worked hard and whatever result he gets ( within the next 24 hours) we know he is the most amazing kid. Oh, and we're going to have a wicked holiday to mark this end and his new beginnings.


  1. Here's to "wicked" parties to celebrate!! Congrats to everyone. I'm sure he did very well. As for that letting go part.....good luck with that. :-)

  2. Good luck for the results and I am pleased you seem to be relaxed and happy about everything. I am so glad all that worrying and waiting is over - I hated school!

  3. Fingers crossed for the results. I suspect the water isn't quite flat yet, that wind still has the potential to wip up the waves, keep your seatbelt on for a while longer xx