Monday, June 24, 2013

What to do in London.....

Leo has asked if, at the end of the summer holidays, he and Francesco can go to London for a few days - the idea is that they would be staying at my brother's but would just go into London and generally keep themslves amused for 3 or 4 days. Today he started looking at the flights and it all looks like it could work out (although my brother and his wife have no idea of Leo's plan - but hey, they are pretty laid back when it comes to having their nephews to stay)...... I asked him what Francesco wanted to do in London.....expecting of course the usual answers - which I didn't get - the answer to my question was...."well he wants to go to Primark"


  1. Primark?! Really? D you guys not have one then?

    1. No we don't have them here but my kids (and husband) just love Primark t-shirts...Leo is famous for his wacky t-shirts and I am sure that's where the whole "I'm going to London, must visit Primark" thing has originated - who knows, maybe we'll be able to persuade them to do some of the REAL London stuff :)

  2. And that's there story and they're sticking with it! :-)