Monday, June 17, 2013

He's done it....

again..... dont know if we can take the stress for the next three years. The story is the same as this day last year....was Leo going to be given a pass mark or more in all his subjects? Was he going to have to do re-sits in August? Well, he has passed the year with 7.3 which is pretty good - but boy the stress - he knows it's not rocket science - you do the work, you get the grades but he slows down in January/February, gets a few crap grades and then has to go like the clappers to catch up before the end of May in the hope that on the 17th June we don't get a nasty surprise. Anyway, he did it - again - so well done Leo the summer can start.... and we don't have to sell off your tickets for Canada or to the tickets to see Nick Cave AND the Smashing Pumpkins! (or rent out the den).


  1. Oh, great news! I am petty sure I could get great grades for those rewards too!! You must be pleased as punch!!

  2. Congrats for EVERYONE! I have to admit, I don't really understand the grading system there. I'd hate to face this kind of stress every year!