Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A smokin' hot day..... more ways than one. Yesterday some serious R&R was needed by some of us. Robert and I escaped to the Tredozio where R&R is guaranteed.....we started off at the pool, and even had it to ourselves for a while....then we enjoyed listening to the locals telling everyone (including us) all their business - and all with smiles on their faces (which we needed). Then, before coming home, Robert decided we would go looking for the smallest volcano in Italy (reminiscent of him looking for acampsite in Cornwall overlooking the sea....a man with a mission) Anyway, in true Italian style there were no road signs....unless you count one incredibly faded painted sign on the side of a falling down building ..... but this is what we found.....

Smokin hot ....or pretty damn cool??

It put a smile on his face too
It looked like a bonfire but it isn' really is a the middle of Italy - who'd have thought??


  1. That is so amazing!!!! Wow, the fact that it is burning like that. I would love to see something like that!

  2. Seriously?! That is so cool.....oh smokin' hot! Glad you all found a few things to smile about.