Thursday, May 16, 2013

The old becomes the new

New me ......
Old me.......

 The gallery this week is all about new. I have spent the last 8 years keeping my hair as straight as it would go - not spaghetti straight - too thick for that, but, pretty dammed straight. I was 'blessed' (??) with naturally curly hair - wicked if you live in a damp humid place like we do - bad hair days? the bane of my life.
But recently something changed. Robert doesn't do compliments - or rather, if he does, they are in a very round about way - I might get a 'holy crap' as I am on my way out with the girls (yes, that's a compliment) or something along those lines - and if you fish, you get nothing (not quite true for everyone -  one particular person can fish and get a compliment but it's not me :)....Anyway, one day when I just hadn't got round to straightening my hair, he told me not to, he prefers it the way it is  supposed to be - he never asks for anything, he never makes demands, how could I ignore his 'I wish you would levae your hair the way it is, I so much prefer it' . So that's what I am doing - it saves me so much time in the morning, is so much easier to deal with and, strangely, I guess it looks like me - the boys have made no comments, said nothing - usually if I do something Thomas they don't like - wear nail varnish for example - Thomas will say 'why have you got that on your nails' the subtext being -'I hate it, take it off'. But neither of the boys have said a word  - maybe this is just the way I am supposed to look. The old me - from 20 years ago - has become the new me.


  1. My hair was board straight until menopause! I had layers put in it years ago to try and help give it some body. Now I've got just a hint of curls. I'd love to see your New Me pic, but for some reason, it's not displaying on my screen. Anyway, hope you have a fabulous weekend!! xoxo

  2. New me disappeared!!! Doesn't bode well does it?? Anyway, new me should now be back..... ;)

  3. I like it too. Curls need good product I guess, straight needs sooooo much time. Hats may be the way to go!

  4. In fact......I now officially love Paul Mitchell.....and for sending them to me :)