Saturday, May 18, 2013

The old and the new.....a continuation

The new me wants the old body....not that it was anything to write home about but I know it was better than the one I see staring back from the mirror today. The 30 day shred worked for like, 15 days and then life got in the way - how the hell is it I can't find 25 minutes a day to exercise?? - so no more excuses, the denim shorts are sitting there ready to go - the short shorts I bought when Robert was out for lunch with an old 'friend' - they did the trick, made me feel better and yes, I think I got a holy crap out of it - but now the 30 day shred has to kick in here goes.
ps...and spot the crazy hair.....that's when it started....or rather that's when I started to give in to it......


  1. They look good already to me, you sure you need to shred? I guess it's how you feel on h inside that counts, so if shredding is required, I guess shred you must! Enjoy.

  2. You are kind..... and yes, it is so much more about the inside than the outside....

  3. I think you look great! I'm not brave enough to wear the short shorts anymore. :-)