Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Smart? I think not.......

Robert's car is at the mechanic's again - third time in as many months - not to mention the flat tyres he has had - anyway, no car, so the company give him a hired car - the last 2 hired cars have been Pandas - small but good (I have one) ....but the one he picked up yesterday takes the biscuit - it is TINY!!!! - and he is a rep for heavens sake (not actually a rep but that'll do as an explanation)  - his car keeps breaking down because he does so many miles - he drives over 200 km just to get to the office and back let alone when he's off visiting clients (from south of Ancona, up to Trieste) - and his car is always full of books (he sells books) - like seriously full - so full there is never any room for the kids ......what is he going to do with this?

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