Monday, May 20, 2013

La Voce Nel Deserto

Posting on the shows Leo has been in is going to be back to front - problems with time, and problems upoading photos so La Voce Nel Deserto comes first even though it came last. I didn't really take any photos - it was in a centro sociale - basically an old derelict building which the council hands over to groups to use - like a derelict youth club with no youth leader and a bar - and very often a hot bed of politics, anarchy and all things illegal. Well last week I found myself sitting on a broken chair in a centro sociale with Thomas - it was a bit odd - I'm not exactly a Marks and Spencers mum but I am definitely not your run of the mill centro sociale visitor.
The 'Voice in the Desert' was good - a collection of monologues, videos etc about the state of the world. The kids had done so much research - research on film, tv footage, philosophers, politicians, from literature etc - they did it all themselves and it was hard hitting stuff. But last week Leo was Pinocchio, this week he was an anarchist. It was heavy stuff - I was out of my comfort zone - was he acting? Last week he was inside the whale, this week he was on a screen telling us all to rebel, to fight, to not accept the crap that the country/governments/bankers are throwing at us. And I don't know to what extent he was acting.
At the moment, if you ask him about his future he'll tell you he wants to be either a politician or a comedy actor - sounds bizarre right? but it's true. He loves acting but he is seriously fed up with the way Italy is being run - he wants to go into politics because he says he wants to have a chance to change things - but this is Italy - the country where really everything changes for everything to stay the same. Seeing him and the others on stage last week put me, like I said, way out of my comfort zone - but maybe that's what Italy needs.

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