Saturday, May 25, 2013

La Famiglia

The Dude (Leo)
Maple Leaf (no explanation needed - except he doesn't look like he's 67 in real life)
Me (I look NOTHING like this - I asked for a denim dress but maybe I should have been more specifc....)
Juventus 'eat, breath and sleep' supporter (Thomas)


  1. I really love them - I got them here . Also, the woman who paints them was so kind - she sent me photos of the finished dolls but as I had ordered Mum, Dad and two sons that was when I realised she didn't know the ages of the boys so had done two small children - quite understandably. Anyway, she redid them for me free of charge! A very personalised stocking flller :)

  2. What a great idea and sooo cute! You have a very handsome (and beautiful) family. But I have to agree about the dress........just sayin'. :-)